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Touch It

Touch It Editor's Review

'Touch it' is a program that allows you to modify the attributes for files and folders. You can only change the read-only, archive, hidden, and system attributes, or you can also choose to change the dates. The 'Modified', 'Created', and 'Accessed' dates can be modified individually or the last two can be change to the same date as the 'Modified'. It is a very simple program and I can't see too many ways of using it.

According to the producer, there's a button that should 'change to zero first part of the time', but when I tried it, the time changed to 12:00:00 (hh:mm:ss). I'm not talking about the hour, but about the minutes that were reduced to '00'. The read-only, archive, hidden, and system attributes have three states just like the ones in the 'Properties' tab of a file or a folder. As long as I tested it, the program worked fine. In my opinion, the 'Do It!' button should be placed in the lower part of the window for usability reasons.

Pluses: Easy-to-use with a very intuitive interface.

Drawbacks / flaws: For a program like this, the price is too high.

In conclusion: It's an interesting program. You might want to try it, if you need to modify attributes to a file or a folder.

version reviewed: 1.26

What's Required in Version of Touch It

Windows 98

What's New in Version of Touch It

Corrected for freeware

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